Finding Keywords Overview

Are you a new webmaster? And are you looking for a niche place in the cyber world? Or are you just looking for a great search score in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN? Either way, you should give yourself the pleasure of finding keywords. Yes, by finding suitable keywords and based on your niche, you will surely be able to improvise in your search engine rankings.

The purpose of keyword research is to know the exact phrases that people are asking for when searching on the major search engines. If your website contains relevant information on the most searched terms and keywords, your website will be ranked better by the major search engines.

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The whole process of improving the search engine rankings for a website is a broad process and is called search engine optimization. Finding keywords is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization.

To start searching for keywords for your website, create a list of keywords related to your website. You can easily find keywords by using online keyword services. One popular keyword service provider on the web is the word tracker. Using word tracking tools and services, all you need to do is type in a keyword and wait for the list to appear on your computer screen. And you will have direct access to hundreds of keywords related to the keyword you typed in the box.

For example: your website is a website that markets and promotes skin care products. Type in the word “skin” and you will have all the main keywords related to skin. The keywords will be something like: skin care, oily skin, skin conditions, skin products, animal skin, etc.

Now you need to select the relevant keywords for your website. You cannot choose animal skin for your site that is specifically tailored for human skin care and cosmetics. Yes, you can include keywords such as skin care, skin cream, dry skin, oily skin, and many more.

It has several keyword services and tools that can help you find the most searched keywords for your website. As you select the keyword with the help of these tools, you will also know how many times the keyword has been searched on the internet.

Let’s go back to the skin example: assuming you select dry skin, you can also track the exact number of times “dry skin” was searched on the Internet. The number can be thousands of times. If you choose “dry skin type”, the number of searches may be less. Therefore, it is suggested that you select the keyword with the most searches first.

Another tricky way to find keywords is to keep an eye on your competitors. Look at your competitors’ website meta tags. Meta tags are a good source for important keywords. You can also ask your customers for help regarding the keywords they use in their search.

Having a weblog page on your website is also useful for keeping track of keywords. Each weblog page has a link that shows the keywords used to search your page. Once you have the right keywords in hand, you can go to market with the most relevant and desired information on your website.

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